Hollywood Museum of Death

The Hollywood Museum of Death

4 October 2013

In reflection of our summer trip I realize that we were quite relieved to get out of that traffic jam called California. We did manage to see many of the Hollywood attractions during our brief trip to Los Angeles. However, the Museum of Death was a stand out attraction that I just happened to find on my new favorite website for weirdos: Atlas Obscura.

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Travel Chat on Twitter

Travel Chats on Twitter

19 March 2013

Many travelers use the internet and social media to keep in touch with family and friends while they are away. However, sometimes you have questions that friends and family can’t answer or that only other travelers would understand. You may even want to meet up with people who share your wanderlust. That is why I highly suggest looking into the many travel chats on Twitter.

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Aztec Empire

How Cortéz Brought Down the Aztec Empire

8 February 2013

The Aztec Empire was a large society that placed immense social importance on a man’s capability as a warrior. Given the militaristic nature of the Aztec culture combined with its large population, a small group of foreigners seemed unlikely to facilitate the total destruction of the vast society.

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Power Adapters for South America

Best Power Adapters for South American Travel

23 January 2013

If you wish to use your electronics while you travel in South America, you are going to need a power adapter. Even seasoned travelers have difficulty finding an adapter that meets their needs. There is a large variety of adapters on the market that vary in price and quality, and it can be confusing selecting the best power adapter for your travels. 

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Diamox for Altitude Sickness

Diamox is for Altitude Sickness

20 August 2012

To say the terrible effects of altitude sickness are understated is an understatement. I look back on the time I spent in the Bolivian Uyuni Salt Flats. It is on my list of top travel experiences. But I spent an entire day of that trip feeling like I would die because I was suffering from altitude sickness.

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